Domenic Massa is sought after for his unique expertise as an advanced certified CranioSacral therapist (CST) and healer


Oct 2013

CranioSacral Therapy in Todays Society

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Year after year, there seems to be so many new and different types of healing techniques that come to life, whether they are hands on or some form of energy work. Ancient therapies, hundreds, and in some cases thousands of years old, are also resurfacing.
When I first began treating my clients using CranioSacral therapy, emphasis was primarily on physical touch, working on anatomical structures, cranial bones, membranes, cerebral spinal fluid, fascia and so on. Within a few years, though, everything had evolved. As I lay my hands on the physical body, I began to connect down through the layers, going deeper and deeper down through the organs, to the cellular level, then to the openness of the non-conscious. This then lead to the understanding that deep emotional, mental, and energetic patterns were being held in the body and manifesting as actual physical pain and/or disease.

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