Certifications and Colleagues

Here are some suggested resources from Domenic


College of massage therapists of Ontario

Upledger institute

International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners


Integrative Intentions
Centered in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Dr. Chas and Kat Perry have created and developed this global community of travelling CranioSacral therapists. At these locations, a wide variety of educational programs, workshops, therapy programs, group gatherings, study groups, and activities are provided.

Dr. Sandra Howlett
Dr. Sandi is a Certified Animal Chiropractor who has developed and teaches CranioSacral Therapy for Equines. She is Certified in Equine Facilitated Therapy and so much more.

Kristin Grayce McGary
Health and Lifestyle Alchemist and author of "Holistic Keto for Gut Health", Kristin is internationally recognized as an authority on Autoimmunity, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Thyroid and Gut health. She empowers patients to revitalize and reconnect to their most brilliant self.

Karen Brunger
A pioneer in the field of Image Consulting, and a seasoned and inspirational international trainer, Karen’s depth of knowledge and broad experience spans 28 years and across 68 countries.

Heron Walk Healing Center
Chuck and Sandi's mission is to walk the path of the healer, using skills they have gathered over their lifetimes to benefit our community. They are committed to continuing to learn from the Earth, Nature and Grandfather Stalking Wolfs Lineage. In the process they help themselves and others live lives filled with Peace, Love, Joy and Purpose.