Self Mastery of the Athlete

"Do not be tense, just be ready, not thinking but not dreaming, not set but being flexible . It is being wholly and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come. The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be" - Bruce Lee


Athletes require 5 main elements to perform at their highest level, the first of which are common to nearly every sport: 

Strength, Speed, Flexibility, and Endurance

The fifth element, and the most important, is generally only considered typically by elite athletes and therefore most don’t even realize it exists. This fifth element is the glue that actually allows the first 4 to take place. This last element is so significant that even the slightest lack of it will determine whether an individual reaches his/her highest level or in worse situations, can’t even compete:

Internal Balance

With Internal Balance, the athlete will:
-Access his/her highest level of strength,
-Reach his highest speeds,
-Have the ability to flex as is needed, and
-Endure the physical and mental ‘stressors’ of the game, sport, and life. 

In treating professional and amateur athletes over the years, Domenic has now created this one of a kind, four day intensive therapy program to evolve the athlete to a whole new level. It is all about balancing the internal system so that the other 4 elements operate at the highest level.

What each individual will attain is a greater sense of:
-Mind and body integration
-Improved instincts
-Mental clarity and increased focus
-Deeper self connection and confidence
-Presence (The “now zone”)

Concurrently, physical improvements are also often reported, such as: with posture, namely more physically balanced, squarer shoulders and hips, centred and grounded legs and feet. 

Through this program, as Domenic works on the physical aspects of the athlete, he/she begins to feel more free in his/her body, has more clarity and peace of mind, and reaches a very deep sense of internal peace – as if time is standing still.

As Domenic helps the athlete’s system to release imbalances, which includes: tensions, restrictions, blockages, discomfort and distracting thoughts, the athlete begins to step in what can only be described as Self Mastery of the Athlete. 

With this uniquely devised intensive program, Domenic will treat each athlete each day for ninety minutes, working to release the mind and body of its inhibitions, restrictions, tensions and imbalances.

This one on one, hands-on bodywork, takes place in a private setting, usually lying down on a therapy table. Domenic travels to your corporate facilities and/or locations of your off-site Conferences, retreats, and camps, both locally and internationally and is available year round. Domenic works with up to 5 athletes per day and with the same athletes each day in succession over course the 4 days. 

The 4 days is a minimum and can be extended per individual on an as needed basis.

Further, conditions and injuries can and will also be addressed, such as:
-Neck/ back problems
-Muscle fatigue / tension
-Range of motion
-Immune system


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